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Our range of professional services includes (click a topic below to read more):

They designed a Credit Policy for us which reduced our DSO by 15 days within 2 months of implementing

Lender Services

Our range of professional services for Lenders includes:

Insolvency Collections
Credebt offer Collect- out Services to Lenders to enable them to realise the debtor book quickly and efficiently in an Insolvency and recover their capital and exit fees.

Sales Ledger Audits
Credebt audit the ledger on take on to ensure everyone knows a realistic realisation amount from day one. As part of this service we often get involved pre-appointment and work with lender and their Clients to help with overdue balances as well as reporting on the collectability of any ledger and therefore giving the lender some security surrounding the capital advanced and ongoing viability of the company and the facility.

Rehabilitation Services
Credebt are often asked by lenders to speak to their clients to help them maximise their facility, improve their understanding of Reserves and disapproved amounts and generally improve the relationship and help with retention of clients.

We visit the client, gain an understanding of their business, discuss any issues that may need resolving and work with both the client and the Lender to ensure the relationship is preserved and a happy client retained.

This Service works for existing clients as well as helping Business Development departments as we can ensure a business becomes compliant and therefore rescuing deals that would otherwise not happen.

Credebt Advisory Services
We can help Lender’s clients with many things Including Credit Policies and Order to Cash Reviews and all other aspects of managing a Sales Ledger effectively to ensure your client stays your client for a long time.We can even help an invoice finance company manage a client away if required.


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